The idea of life after work can be extremely exciting. Whether you have dreams to travel the world, pick up that one hobby you've always been interested in but never had the time to pursue, or take the time to truly focus on your family... post work life has the potential to offer endless invigorating possibilities. 

That said, the wealth it requires to realise these dreams can be underestimated, and so before you reach the point of retirement, it's important to ensure you have the funds to cover your future beyond work. Switzerland has just the pension system to ensure that this is possible.

Take the time to start planning your finances today, so that your future can be everything you'd ever dreamt of.

Ask yourself this...

When preparing for retirement, it's important that you start as early as possible. That said, thinking about your live thirty or forty years down the line can be overwhelming, so it's best to start by asking yourself the following three questions.

of consumers lack the confidence that they will have the standard of living in retirement that they hope for.

What do I want from life beyond work?

Having spent your life working hard to be able to provide a high-quality life for your loved ones, retirement is a time where you can pursue your dreams. What do you want out of your down time? What will make you most happy?

Will my finances be passed onto the right people?

After taking precautions to build up a sufficient pension to ensure the financial safety of your loved ones, how can you be sure that your heard earned wealth is transferred to those loved ones in the way you desire?

Have I considered my health?

The average life expectancy is increasing all the time. It's important to consider that yours will long exceed the age of retirement, and 73% of people have fears about their health during their later years. How can you plan for your healthcare during your years after work?

of your wealth can be lost to inheritance taxes without thorough financial planning.

How can financial planning help?

Planning for retirement alone can be overwhelming - particularly when you have so many more years to look forward to - and it's hard to know where to start. Our experts at Belgravia Wealth Management SARL can work with you to put together a comprehensive plan that will go towards ensuring life after work is everything you hope for. 

We'll help you determine goals, and come up with a plan that will help you achieve those goals, allowing you to maintain your quality of life long into your retirement.