Medium to long term pensions, savings and investments designed to meet your needs.

Belgravia Wealth Management SARL was founded to fill the advice gap that currently exists between the retail financial companies and the services available to the UHNW clients. As an independent company we ensure that you benefit from impartial advice and access to offerings from all the financial providers available in the market.

With expertise in the Swiss Local Pension System - one of the most robust systems in the world - our mission is to work with you to ensure you're able to make the most of your finances while residing and working in Switzerland.

A tailored approach means that only once we have a thorough understanding of a clients’ existing portfolio and if we see that it can be improved upon, will we propose tax-advantaged investment alternatives focused on protecting capital and maximising growth.

Investment insight


Swiss Local Products

The Swiss pension scheme is one of the most robust in the world. The team at Belgravia Wealth Management SARL are here to ensure you make the most of such a scheme and optimise your finances.


We offer full guidance on pension transfers to your new country of residence to ensure that you're optimising your hard-earned pensions. 

Mid-long term investments

The best returns are achieved over time, our range of mid-long term investments will ensure the best return from your finances.

Portfolio review

At Belgravia Wealth Management SARL we want you to make the most of your finances. To help you do this, we will conduct a full portfolio review to guide you in the direction that best suits you.

Pension planning and advice

If you're looking to place your pension in one single retirement vehicle, Belgravia Wealth Management SARL can provide guidance on the best option for you. 


Belgravia Wealth Management SARL can help you find out whether you're likely to benefit to transferring your pension to a QROPS after leaving your home country.

Education fee planning

Here we can help you correctly plan education fees so that you achieve the best outcome for both you and your children.

Wealth protection

Belgravia Wealth Management SARL are dedicated to keeping your finances safe and will offer a selection of the best options for your individual circumstances. 

Our Products 

With the uncertainty of the UK's relationship with the EU, a pension transfer to a Qualifying Recognised Pension Scheme might be a smart move for you.

There are a number of cost and tax benefits associated with a QROPS, so it could be time to start seeking advice on how it can be of advantage to your pension pot.

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At Belgravia Wealth Management SARL, we highly recommend contributing to the optional 3a Pillar, and are expertly positioned to offer advice on how to optimise your income through this scheme.

By contributing to the Pillar 3a pension, you can offset it against your taxes, minimising your final tax bill, and so while it is optional to make these contributions, for many it is a no brainer.

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SIPPs - or self-invested personal pensions - are often thought as being a strong alternative to QROPS, but what exactly are they?

In this video, we offer a brief overview of SIPPs and give examples of when and how they might be effective for you. 

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Client perspective

J. Foster, Switzerland

Belgravia Wealth Management provided me with all of the insight required to make the most of my pension when I moved overseas. I was treated with patience and understanding throughout the process and would never seek financial guidance from any other company.

S. Oxley, The Netherlands

I was overwhelmed by the level of guidance that Belgravia Wealth Management were able to offer me. I feel safe in the knowledge that they have years of experience with which to make informed recommendations regarding my overseas pensions.